Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bugger Off!

Happy Halloween!

I don't know if I am PMSing (painting missing sex) or just being a prick but the FOW thread I started to showcase my minis has been seeing a few posts of others work lately and I may have took it too seriously. Kind of feel like a jerk about it but it seemed at first to be a deliberate hi-jack...

Renamed the thread from "My First Flames of War Miniatures" to "Ritterkriegs FOW Miniatures" to clear up any confusion. Am I getting too self-centered?! Comments welcome!

Currently, on the painting table, I am priming up the next 8 Russians and a T-26 (you know, for when I get bored!) Should have a pic up soon...

Tried out the IWATA airbrush yesterday on a PaK 37. WoW!! Smooooth! Kicks my old badgers ass! Panel shading was a snap. Control, ease of use, and clean-up were awesome! Especially as the subject was so small!  I am going to try it out on the T-26 tomorrow. Post up some pic when done...

Anyway, had a near miss tonight when I was setting off fireworks for the kids out in the yard. There was this big, squat tuna-can shaped bastard of a firework. Didn't look as if you could bury it as the fuse was set low. Anyway set it on the ground and lit it...1st shot straight up, second shot horizontal toward neighbours house, (damn thing fell over!), third toward our car, 4th hit other neighbours house so hard, it broke siding and burned a hole.

No one hurt - thank the firework gods, I wonder if they sell sun-bleached grey siding anywhere...

Take care,



  1. Hi Troy

    I think the thread 'hijacking' was confusion due to another recent forum thread where people were uploading pictures of their first minis. Personally, I don't think that there is anything self-centered about having your own thread to showcase your own minis.

    It was quite funny though as I thought your standard of painting had gone right down, before I realised it was someone else's minis! :-)


  2. I wouldn't worry about it. Someone needed to get the message across. Thanks to everyone being polite on the forums it's become acceptable to do the whole "those are nice, now look at mine"

    By the way you're lucky I can't post pictures in this comment because I was going to straight up hijack this!