Monday, January 23, 2012

Reduced Squads

Hey All!

Work continues on some stands for the con' in Vancouver, this time Reduced Squads...
Actual size of minis...

Based three minis to a small stand, these teams will mark 1st Line Squads that have taken a Casuality point but could also be used to represent Reserve Squads. The two outer figures have both had their heads replaced, the standing figure due to a cast flaw that this mini has in all my examples and the crouching mini to add some interest by a slight tilt. The middle figures head is actually a bit big and would also be a candidate for micosurgery but I used heavy shadow to slim it down a bit.

I added helmet vent holes to these minis for some extra details. It adds interest and is quite simple. Using a small pin, rotate it around until you have the right sized hole in the right and left sides just back from the slope of the lower rim.
Switched the metal parts to Dark seagrey again and think this will be a permanent change for me for blued weapon steel. I really like the look! Still highlighting the work edge with Gunmetal Grey. Also, not painting any helmet decals on these I may want to use them with other armies besides the Early/Mid war Grenadiers.
Spent a day on these fellows. Not ever going to set any speed painting records (!) but am enjoying the process. I think I have my colors and techniques pretty nailed down for faces but may try a lighter base color (Vallejo 815 Basic Skintone) to start with for the next group.
One thing about improving your skills, your old stuff that you were once so proud of now looks like shit! I continually compare the old and new but I find it makes me want to redo the old.

I now think I understand how artists like WPB can sell off their amazing stuff, they have probably gotten better and want to move on...Must resist repainting...!



Friday, January 20, 2012

A bit of Scratch Building

Hey All!

A small post of a few of the LMG teams I have finished up.

These teams had a fair bit of changes. Both the assistants had head replacements due to issues with face detail. As well, they both received scratchbuilt spare-barrel cases and straps as these were not present or poor detail. Also, I added a folded bipod to the MG34 of the team sheltering behind the rail ties.

The assistant gunner on the left was taken from the GE704 HMG Platoon blister. I recarved his hands (big paw syndrome) and turned his head a bit to give him a bit more of a action pose. It is amazing the difference this can make in a figure. It can really add variation and interest to the same old-same old when you are building your teams.

The other assistant was one of the few minis I kept from the EW figures. He got new lapels as well as the head and case. The standing gunner is the same as the crouching figure but with a new pair of legs added (from a spare figure). I used 2-part putty to form his butt and smooth the transition.
 I painted these minis from my standard colors except for the use of Vallejo Game color 72067 Cayman Green for the helmets, shaded with a bit of black. This looks close to early Applegreen IMO. Also I used Vallejo DarkSeagreen 70868 for the base color on the MG34's, highlighting with Gunmetal Grey 70863.
Next up, A few Reduced Squads/Scouts and a Soviet GHQ...



Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Hello All!

A few pics of the Russian 45mm AT gun and crew...

I have also been working on a few more teams (Reduced Squads, LMGs and Reserve) for the con in Vancouver in March/April.

Again I based the gun on the long side of the base as this seems better to display the crew.

I will be building a few ammo crates and spare rounds to surround the gun as well as building a bit of a sandbag/brick wall for the crew to shelter behind. Again, this would not fit on the base if positioned on the short end.

I got a positive reinforcement of my choice of Soviet helmet color as a 1942 Soviet helmet I recently purchased showed up in the mail yesterday. Its a great addition to my collection but the wifes keeps asking if I am raising an army...

Displayed are the Soviet 1941 SSh-40 - all original, a Q62 Quist Model 35 - with repo liner repainted, a 1942 Canadian Brodie - all original, a 1943 Canadian Brodie with net - all original, and a ET68 Eisenhüttenwerke repo with repo liner repainted, missing is my 1944 Mk III Turtle with the high chinstrap attachment rivets, currently awaiting repainting...and no...I don't play with the 'barbies'!