Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too Fat or Too thin.

Hey All.

All photos in this post are from BF website...

While excited and impatiently awaiting for the arrival of my broken down BF EW 15mm German and UK infantry from the EW Army sets...

Great idea for those with limited cash that only want certain 'new' items...ordered here: seems that Battlefront has shifted away from the disproportionate big-headed, no neck, figures of early blisters, to a more realistic, but sometimes too skinny-headed soldiers. The old sculpts look great even compared to new ones and the slightly oversized everything is easier to paint. I think in some cases they may have gone too far toward Ethiopean stature.

Case in point, compare the 'old' Russian sculps...

...with 'new' Russian sculpts...
While there are a few really unusable figures, overall I think it is a step in the right direction. Facial detail has been increased slightly but made smaller so it may be harder to paint for some. I will let you know once I paint a few up.
The new UK Late War BR812 has it just about right, except for one Officer. His head was soooo skinny - it was laughable. The picture really doesnt do it justice, it was only about 2mm wide! I have since lopped it off and replaced it with a fatter one.
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