Friday, January 17, 2014

Fall Blau Beauties!

Hey All!

My first post for 2014!

Finished up a platoon of Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf Js armed with the L/60 for my Stalingrad German forces. Lots of goodies added; tools, stowage boxes, gun barrels, Notek lights, headlights, tow hooks, racks, wirecutters handles (missing?) helmets etc.

I have gotten away from putting on aerials as they are harder to store and ultimately get bent. Tried to fix up the fenders/wheels/running gear but finally gave up. I am beginning to realize that I have to prioritize my hobby time and feel 2 hours on one mini just getting the running gear cleaned up is too much.

In the interest of saving a bit of time, I have began experimenting with various spray colors to prime armor with. I realize there are Army Painter sprays for 15 bucks but primed these with cheap $5.00/can Krylon Grey primer and the result was great. Good coverage and not too dark.

A shout out to Doms Decals, in my opinion, the best decal company out there for all your 15mm needs. I used a combination of 6mm GHQ and Doms decals for these minis.

I must say that I spent far too much time reworking these with add-ons and fixes and I was planning to add some other things but finally had to say 'Enough!' I have many terrain items and soldiers to paint so need to move on! 

Above, card for the Panzer III from Schwere Kompanie know you wanna...

I for one am excited by the new BF plastic vehicles and have recently purchased the T34/76 - T34/85 combo kit. The detail and tooling of these tanks is magnificent! I am sooo done with the blobby irregular shaped details of the resin and lead/pewter of BF other kits! Even their more recent offerings have very unsymmetrical details and such. I don’t see going away from the metal soldiers but Plastic is where its at for vehicles. 

Now what to do with all the kits I already have...!