Friday, July 1, 2011

Poking Along...Back on track.

Hey All!

Spent waaaay too much time on these fellows but having loads of fun painting faces - more than the rest of the figures I might add. The fellow with the pistol (I'm gonna call him Franz) represents my 'new' face painting technique. I touched-up the face of the officer with the MP-40 (Gunter) but he was painted up over a year ago (and looked pretty bad IMO). I really didn't want to re-do him only make him fit in with the same skin tone.

For Franz's face, I am using a combination of three colors for skin, one for lips, one for cheeks and two shadow colors combined with the skin colors to get various shades. There are many layers and filters and fiddling to get these results so I don't expect to get anything near one-tenth of Tom Wise's numbers but hope to finish my EW German grenadiers and finish up my Soviets this year.

For highlighting Fieldgrey of Franz, I have added Vallejo Sand Yellow 916 (instead of white) and the result is a richer grey/green which I think looks bang on for a little variety. I have seen some color plates that have soldats with various shades of Fieldgrey even in the same unit.