Friday, January 22, 2016

Casualty Markers & German Armor

Hey All!

Finished up some vehicle crews and KIA markers along with a Panzer II and a Sd.Kfz 10/4 2 cm Flak.
The crew figures dragging their wounded leg are actually the same figure - with a head swap and a re-carve of the german uniform into the denim overalls for service to the Motherland. 
The Germans casualties are scratchbuilt from spare figures, as is one of the Soviets. All are mounted on CAN pennies - which are now getting harder to come by as they have been deemed worthless...
I'm thinking these will be either used to mark squads that have suffered a casualty or to pretty (really?!?) up the battlefield to mark a spot where a unit was KIA'ed.
I added grass tufts with a home-made static grass applicator. The store-bought one is brutally expensive and you can make one out a dollar store fly swatter (really!).
The Panzer II is one of two I'm working on with a few scratchbuilt items.
I replaced the barrel and added some rivet detail.
I added a crate, tarps, and helmets to complete.
 The Flak-track 2 cm gun mount was rebuilt though it is still kind of poorly detailed, I decided that enough was enough. and moved on. I see I neglected to paint in the wheel bolts in the rush to get the pics up (Really...)

I added a loader from another blister and did a head swap.
 I re-did the screens on the drop-down sides but should have used a less fine mesh. Meh...
New barrel and rivet detail finish it up.