Friday, October 29, 2010

Give Me The Ol' Sculps Anyday...

Hey All.

    A fair bit of work on the Infantry tutorial yesterday - check it out on the Ritterkrieg site. If interest warrants (comment, and emails appreciated!) there will be a separate tut on face painting. I gotta say, I really love the old/mid production minis. They may have be fat bastards but they look great painted! I just cannot understand BF moving away from their quality that they established early on. I have tried the 'other' manufactures and they all came up short in one way or another. BF's early sculpts have action, accuracy, scale and faces! A joy to paint and display.

Although I may be able to put together a rag-tag (mix and match, body-part replacement, orgy of reconstruction) Company out of the BF old and new EW British sculpts, I will be ordering a pack of Forged in Battle soon to see if they fit the bill for my needs. Stay tuned...

To answer a few questions from the blog comments:

-I will be sending BF an email regarding the poor quality.
-The spent shells are heavy guage wire cut to length and white-glued down.
-Red Orchastra IS alive (and kicking)...Must resist the dark side...

...Mail came today, my IWATA HP-SB Plus is here! Can't wait to try it out today! Stay tuned...


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  1. I personally would LOVE it if you did a face painting tutorial! I've been a fan for a while on the FOW forums and have always admired them.