Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finishing Up

Hey All.

Sent a letter to Battlefront regarding their latest infantry. I will refrain from posting it here for now. I am hoping I get a response. If not, it may be the last of their new Infantry I buy.

Finished the last of the 5 Panzer IVf1s from the 24th Panzer. Also completed the Forward observer team and the GHQ for the Grenadier Kompanie. Really happy how they turned out. I really like these early figures and hope that BF can get back to where they once were headed...

I had to re-darken some of the shadows on the tanks after the flatcoat as it greyed out the details (done after the picture was taken).

Added a few scratchbuilt items to the teams (radio, headphones, grenades and MP40). I was going to base the GHQ on a large base but thought it would look strange and be hard to fit into terrain.

Grenades were simple - brass wire inserted into wire insulation with a crazy glue built-up end cap screw.
Maps were printed after reducing the hell out of WWII German 1942-era maps of Stalingrad (no frickin kidding!).

Radio was a lot of work and looks good at gaming the scrub on the Funkers helmet! Actually painted on the lightning bolt to the left arm on these two! Terrain was a crop test piece...too much work and time...I think I will go with carpet...Groundwork still wet as I wanted to post before bed...


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