Thursday, March 28, 2013

BOOM goes the Dynamite!

Hey All!

A few pieces of terrain for the Salute 2013 and some easy-peasy Barrage markers.
Trenches are wooden matches with tile grout/PVA glue groundwork based on 1/4 MDF. Sandbags are 2-part epoxy putty. Telephone and signpost are scratchbuilt, using bamboo skewers and thread. They are used to mark map reference locations. The signpost actually says Spartanovka, Front, Death to Invaders and Hospital in Russian Cyrillic script - Really! Thanks Google translator!

Barbed wire is screen door mesh, cut into a single row, twisted around brass wire with the cordless drill. Hedgehogs are Evergreen I-beam. I may based on pennies later. Barrage markers are Woodland Scenics clump foliage, hot glued to wire armatures and sprayed flat black and white. Took about an hour to make two, stole the idea off the net. I didn't bother with the PVA glue dip step. Feeling a bit impatient today.  I found that the paint and hot glue holds everything quite well on its own.

Now, all I have to do is load all this stuff in the car and travel 16 hours to Vancouver for an weekend orgy of gaming...I am such a geek...



Friday, March 22, 2013

S'More Little Soldiers...

Hey All!

Just a teaser with some pic of the squads and terrain I have been working on for Salute 2013..

I will be using this Hauptmann for a -2 PHQ. He is pretty good sculpt and has good face and hand detail.

I really like the way he turned out especially like the color of his uniform.

Fleshing out my Soviets with a few more squads. Pretty bland basing...just want them done so didn't add any bricks and the like...

...pretty much ready to move on to painting up something new. I'd like to do up some LW Canadians and SS next.

A bit of scratchbuilding on the DP gunners. Changed the head on one to a Pilotka and new legs on the crouching fellow. Head swapped a Finn (standing firing) to fight for the Ruskies as the rifle and uniform are close; just a bit of carving to the equipment. I find the extra effort spent in giving your minis originality quite rewarding although it tends to get overlooked on the game table.