Sunday, May 7, 2017

PSC 251/10

Hey All!

Got my 15mm Plastic Soldier Company 251 Ausf C Halftrack boxed set WW2V15003 along with some other goodies last week and put one together as a 251/10. These are a great product! I much prefer these to BF's resin model. There are no major issues with an out-of-the-box build - although you may have to fill a few small gaps in the upper and lower hull and you will have to replace the 'true to scale but flimsy for gaming' MGs.
I added scratchbuilt stowage ropes on the sides of the hull as these are seen on many period photos. I hung a crew compartment tarp, added a tow cable, fender markers mirror and rear marker light. Various PSC add-on stuff included using a few of their plastic infantry for crew helmets and kit.

I used a BF PaK 36 for the main gun and a MG34 for the AA mount; adding a AA sight, cocking handle and 50-rnd drum. I filled in the top holes on the barrel and re-drilled them out. Originally these are more grooves and make the MG look like a pulse rifle. I was going to use BF metal MG's but these too are easily bent. I anchored the butt of the MG to the side of the hull to improve its chances of survival. We shall see...
Bullet splash rail and tools added on as well as correcting the rear corner angle of the crew compartment. Rear AA mount for the MG was removed/filled and re-drilled as it is out of scale. I may add a strip of plastic to thicken this area on future models.  Inside add-ons were minimal as crew will take up most space though I did add in ammunition storage and grab irons.

I love the detail on PSC Jerry cans! Although the carrying handle needs a bit of work. A small fix you can easily do is to remove the carrying handle altogether and glue in its place three plastic rods.

  Figures are both Battlefront; one from their artillery group with an added 3.7cm round and one from the Plastic Grenadiers with his arm re-positioned to rest on the hull.

Figures Painted, base-coated.