Monday, May 23, 2011

Vallejo Color Chart

Hey All!

Let me begin by saying that Vallejo paints are excellent. Great bottle design, good coverage even when thinned and pretty durable, when dry, for acrylics. The Model Color line performs poorly in the airbrush but this was not their intended use.

A couple things on my mind as I begin to experiment with some colors for my early Waffen-SS camo "plane Tree".

First, whats up with the Vallejo websites Model Color reference charts??

They are very far off from actual colors of the contents - I mean really off (check out German Field Grey 830!) I don't know if this is intentional or just bad webwork. Its basically worthless when trying to find a particular shade.

Second, their suggested colors for German camo patterns are not very good either.

They suggest 891 Intermediate Green for the light color in Plane Tree and Oak Leaf but it is too dark for any scale. Their base color of Beige Brown 875 is close but is not quite maroon enough.

Enough bitchin'. Here is what I have found on my own but this may change when I start painting. The Plane tree pattern has 4 distinct colors but for our purposes (15mm) we are only concerned with three: base, dark and light green.

"Plane Tree" early pattern smock (spring side):

Maroon Base color: 1 x drop of Beige Brown 875 with a smidge of German Cam Pale Brown 825.
(as it is lighter, the suggested color of 875 could be ok on its own - stay tuned...)

Dark Green color: German Cam. Dark Green 979
(Could be darker, add a smidge of black)

Light Green color: 1 x drop Golden Olive 857 with a smidge of white.
(smidge = dip into with a tiny brush or somewhere in that area!)

I will edit this post with some pictures as try out these on an actual mini.

Edit: Here is a finished figure using the colors above:




The Angry Lurker said...

Thanks for this as I will be doing this pattern soon. Good post.

Braxen said...

sunny skin tone is better to highlight any color of the patter actually. White tends to turn "off" the colors