Saturday, April 18, 2015

Heads Down!

Hey All!

Just a few pics (ok...a lot) of the recently completed Heavy German Infantry Support teams.

The Battlefront 12cm Granatwerfer 42 from the GE711 blister looks too small when compared to most other BF offerings.  The detail is good though the tube itself is no thicker than the 8cm tube of the smaller mortar. The infantry supplied are mid to late and are not sculpted by Even Allen - instead they are done by Seth Nash. With me its a love/hate thing.  I find I love the detail Seth tries to model but I hate the scale change that results. The minis are a bit taller and the hands are even bigger than Evans.  Though the end result is probably closer to reality, they don't mix very well with Evans figures.

As I wanted to model a early German team, I was assembled mine from BF German artillery troops and a Soviet loader with a head transplant. I added shoulder boards and pleated pockets to complete the change.

The assistant loader was given a 12cm mortar round to replace the artillery shell he was holding.  The tube was basically rebuilt, using a Soviet baseplate and part of the brace.
The spare rounds, case and brick wall were scratchbuilt.
The sIG33 build is described in a previous post.
 I added some home-made grass tufts made with a home-made grass tuft maker that I made at home. Silflor makes them but they are very pricey (tufts and tuft maker).

You tube has the instructions on making your own tufts with an electric fly swatter (dollar store total cot for project was less than $5).

 I made some wicker cases with brass screen and some (oversized) rounds with plastic rod.
 The figures were again taken from the German Artillery troop blister.
 The netting is gauze soaked in white glue.