Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And So it Begins...

Hey All!
The best to you and yours this season. As you may have noticed, its been a bit slow this year on the Corner. This is mostly due to some health issues at home but I am happy to say, things are looking positive! One thing that this experience has brought about is a focus on what it important in life and for me, that is miniatures!

I have begun to assemble some Soviet forces for a scenario I will be putting on in Vancouver in April. I am looking at East Front '41 Smolensk so I envision Panzer II/IIIs and BT/T-26s .  After opening up a boxed set of Battlefronts BT-5s, I noticed that there were no gun barrels for any of the tanks...well that won't do...I sick-ed the Customer Service department at Battlefront on it but I am still waiting...So instead I finished up a platoon of T-26S that have been hiding out on a corner of my desk since this post in 2011. T-26 
A Lot has changed since then as far as my painting style - I think the new method is less busy and more pleasing to the eye.  I spent a fair bit of time cleaning up the resin and tracks and re-made some of the rivet detail.  Also I added some scratchbuilt shovels, tarps and such.  Color is a little different but still acceptable.
I also have begun to put together some fleeing tank crew markers. The left figure is converted from a German crewman with a head swap and costume change. I used Vallejo Plastic putty and epoxy along with the trusty x-acto to effect the change.
Gun barrels were scratchbuilt as well. Made of brass, they should stand up to the rigors of gaming...