Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Soviets...

Hey All!

Finishing up a few more Soviets Platoon HQs, squads and mortar teams.

I changed up my colors for uniforms for some of the figures. Color on the right figure is Vallejo 882 Middlestone with 887 Brown Violet for shadows and 916 Sand Yellow mixed in for highlights for a more brown overall tone as opposed to the left figure which is my standard 881 Yellow Green base, 924 Russian Unif. WWII Shadows, 847 Dark Sand Highlights which gives a more green look.

Other colors are pretty much standard but I did try out a few changes for face shadows.
I added a new arm holding a mortar round to the 4th figure to create a different loader. I also am putting together a few Finns with head transplants and equipment changes (put them up later) to add variety to the squads.
 The mortar on the right is scratchbuilt to represent the earlier PM-37 model.
Mixing in a few of the Battlefront LW Battlefront minis (figures 1, 2, and 4) with shoulder boards removed. These are much more realistic in stature than the MW early sculpts (figure 3) but are harder to paint. They have much finer detail (you really have to have magnification to see some of it!) and tend to be skinnier (some Ethiopean) so may not mix well with the earlier minis. The weapon on the LW figures look more realistic but tend to be more fragile. 2nd figure is an SVT-40 semi-automatic and definitly looks the part. As well, the Mosin Nagant rifles have more details than the earlier sculpts which required some painting in or sculpting of the details to look good
 Not quite finished these figures, still have some face detail to do.

For a more detailed view, right click on the pictures and choose 'Open in a link in new window' to get pictures in their original  size.