Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Striped Stummel

Hey All!

Another vehicle from the Salute 2017 line up, Battlefronts plastic 251/1 built up as a 251/9 'Stummel'.

Along with the crew, the gun and shield and interior were modified/scratchbuilt. As the Salute scenario 'Lost Panzers' is placed in '43, the model should be the earlier model with the Kw.K37 sunk into the front hull mount but as I plan on only building one Stummel, I chose the later model as it has a cooler look!
Working with the plastic models is so much easier and the prep time is minimal compared to the resin kits. That said, I will probably continue to build resin as I have sooo many in my collection already.
I painted up the crew as mix of old and late-war field grey. The new tunic was a much more red tinged green cloth. 
I built a cradle mount for the MG42 and attached it to the gun mount.  One little oversight I noticed on the plastic MG42 from the 251/1 kit - BF mirrored both sides of the gun barrel, using the same large hole pattern on both sides instead of the long slot for the right-hand side. Minor thing but I didn't highlight that side so that it wasn't so obvious.
The gunner had a millimeter of his head taken off as it is modeled with the M43 Einheitsfeldmütze sitting way too high. It makes the figure look deformed. Simply use a razor saw to take off the cap and file a bit off the top. Re-attach with crazy glue.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Camo'ed Quartet

Hey All!

Finished up the Panzer IVH zug for the upcoming Salute 2017 Schwere Kompanie game 'Lost Panzers'

 Painted up pretty well though the airbrush was acting up...

Used a mix of Tamiya and Vallejo Model Air...theres your problem...dont mix!

Wheatfield is Teddy-bear fur, cut and painted - looks pretty convincing though you will make a big mess when trimming your bush...

Just a few more things to finish up and I should be ready!