Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey All!

I have been a bit busy as of late - Summer and knee surgery! Can't do too much but I'm well enough to get back to painting!

Pictured above are some Soviet Platoon HQ Stalingrad-era fellows and my wet palette made with a Folgers Coffee can lid, Parchment paper and ass-wipe (I now use a sponge). Add water and your paints stay wet for days... Too bad it doesn't work on the wife...

To paint faces, I use Vallejo colors from top right to left:

817 Scarlet
876 Brown Sand
803 Brown Rose
342 Highlights Flesh (white and flat flesh same-same, I'm just lazy)
845 Sunny Skin Tone
955 Flat Flesh
822 German Camo Black Brown
872 Chocolate Brown

I also use 815 Basic Skin Tone as the basecoat. Lets see, that's 9 plus white and black. Holy crap! No wonder its taking me so long to finish anything! I begin by taking a white-primed figure and painting an undercoat of 815 on all the face and hands. Try to keep the paint thin. I add about 1/2 drop of water to a full drop of well-shaken paint. I let this dry usually overnight but if you are in a hurry, into the oven for about 15 minutes at 150-170 degrees Fahrenheit.

These figures are part of a platoon of Assault squads that I am putting together. I plan on having four squads when complete. I will probably add a flame from the Molotov later. I am continuing to attempt to lighten the highlights to get more contrast.
 The figures on the left will become -1 Platoon HQs. I painted them straight out of 'The Soviet Soldier' by Histoire&Collections book.

Stay Tuned!