Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taking the plunge!

Well hello there!

 My first post to the new blog...

  I have been wanting to start one of these for awhile now to suppliment the Ritterkrieg website, mostly to add an easily updated forum for me to jot my thoughts down for anyone interested in my painting techniques and a place to ramble about gaming and life in general.

 I have just now finished up (well almost) a FOW (Flames of War) Battlefront (BF) German Grenadier Kompanie...only took a year or so...Really gonna have to play less Red Orchastra and focus more on painting.

I think I may be aiming a bit too high with my painting style with the BF minis in that the detail is great for gaming but is lacking for the amount of time I am putting in...did that make any sense?! What I mean is, am I spending too much time per figure? Im gonna try out a faster technique with the next figures - Russian early-war Infantry. Started them today. Four at a time. Also going to start a vehicle with every group of figures to work on while waiting for paint to dry or when I get bored...

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