Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pipe Dreams

Hey All!

Lots of projects in the pipe…

I finished painting up the sMG42 team...
 Colors as per my Recommended Colors (on the right sidebar)
Over the Christmas season, I ordered a bunch of new(er) Battlefront plastic boxed sets from Imperial Hobbies in Burnaby and Sentry Box in Calgary. Both are great Hobby stores and are highly recommended.

Sadly, the Panzer IVH Platoon GBX79 I ordered was an older box with the incorrect 8-spoke rear idler wheel and 4-panel Schürzen. This has since been changed but it must have been old stock. I fired an email off to Battlefront, who are sending out the correct Schürzen panels taken from the OOP older resin GBX79. I got mine in record time - kudos to BF Customer service! Too bad design and research aren't as good!

Unfortunately I could not get the panels to work with either the old or new mounting rails as the triangle spikes do not line up with the panels (2 per panel). So I removed the mounting supports and covered over the scars with zimmerit done with a soldering iron.

This is a great improvement over the previous resin offering from Battlefront.  That said, there are a few minor tweaks you can make. The turret cupola is too high. Sand off the cupola mounting peg and a bit off the bottom to bring it more into scale. The main gun mantlet fit is poor and will need some filler. Also you can add zimmerit on the sides and shield.

Dents added to the rear and side mufflers. Bolts added to back of turret Schürzen. A cut was made in between the spare road wheels on the fender.

I added zimmerit to the fenders and sides of the hull. Also added a locking pin to the front fenders and tow point. The hull MG was sanded down to recess it into the hull (it sticks out too far).

I also built up one of the new Battlefront Tiger I tanks. This is one Great kit!

My only fix is when mounting the tracks, you have to ad a small strip of 1/8" plastic on the rear end of track to space it or they will sit too low.

 Some zim was removed and a pin added to replace the flimsy hull MG.

 And finally, I took a Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf D and made a 251/9 out of it.

Lots of changes and extras added. New floor, bench removal, new 7.5cm gun and mount, and sMG 42 mount  scratchbuilt.



Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Wrap

Merry Christmas All!

 Just working on a few more figures for my sMG teams...

I changed up my Recommended Color for German Kar98 strap to Orange Brown 981- the one in my collection is a more of a red-brown leather color. I was using Saddle Brown 940 but there isn't enough contrast.

I also have moved back to Olive Grey 888 for ammo cans/spare barrel cases and the like.
 All the best to everyone out there - somehow Peace in the new year...

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Threes a Crowd! (or Itty-Bitty MGs Part II)

Hey All!

Ok Ritter, whats this? Un-painted figures?

Just a progress pictorial of the MG teams on the bench.  Re-worked a trio of figures to base up the sMG42 team...
  As far as figures are concerned, the detail, durably and re-workability of metal figures keeps me from jumping on the plastic bandwagon. From what I've seen, plastics just don't have the strength. Sure you could still smash metal minis flat with a hammer but that shouldn't happen ...unless you REALLY piss off the wife!
  A fair bit of time went into these crewmen. They all received the standard cleaning up of flash and re-scribing of straps and such.  All face detail and helmets gets the once over to fix any detail glitches.

As I didn't want to cover up the MG detail, the gunner had his right arm straightened (with a soldering iron) and hand re-carved to hold an ammo can instead of gripping the firing mechanism.
 The Officer had a fair bit of tunic removed under his left arm - it was far too thick.
  I like to take time posing up figures to get the right look and add interest and interaction between the minis. Also I try to keep fiddly bits protected.  The standing figure should help keep the MG safe.
  I usually sand down the bases of figures to ease hiding them. I usually do this over the trash - BF's figures do contain lead...
 The Standing figure had his ammo can replaced with a more to scale (tho slightly over-scaled) ammo can.  His weapon, the Kar-98, was detailed and re-scribed. The strap on his Kar-98 was attached to the lower bottom of the stock. This is incorrect and so was re-carved to attach to the side. A buckle was added to the other side made out of soft brass. Finally a missing bolt action was added from brass wire.
  Stay tuned...