Wednesday, October 8, 2014

100th Blog Post and StIG33B Complete!

Hey All!

Just noticed that this is my 100th Blog Post!


Some reflection...

I originally started this blog as a place to record and share what I have been painting, the color choices I am using, and to express my opinion on 15mm miniatures but it has also become something more; a source of inspiration. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to add comments to the posts, I truly love the feedback!

 Got 'round to completing the StIG the other day...

From what I can deduce, markings on the original Stalingrad-era vehicles were minimalistic. Period photos do show a centered cross on the rear tool box but I went with the left.
Dom's Decals for the win...
Mud added to the chassis via grout mixed with Vallejo matt medium. I attempted - once again - to paint the very poor running gear but gave up. I may sound like a broken record regarding BF's tracks and wheels but let me just say that they are heading in the right direction with their plastic vehicle line.
Barring any misfortune, this vehicle will be featured in the Salute 2015 game I will be hosting in Vancouver. I have been putting together some more Pionere squads and terrain for a factory fight.

I am planning on painting the shadow under the ventilator cover as I now see it looks a bit rough...
I deliberately lightened the finished color to give contrast and a dusty look.
I flat-coated the model with Vallejo Matt Polyurethane 62.062. This is the best matt product I have ever used.
I added some detail in the form of bolts, headlight wires and flash suppressor to the MG34 with Micro Krystal Klear. It is pretty resilient but I have since picked up some Vallejo Plastic putty to try on the next model.
Above are a couple good shots of the excellent Plastic Soldier Company spare wheels and tracks - great products!