Sunday, July 25, 2010

Schwere Kompanie Rulebook

WWII Tabletop Miniature Rule System

$15.00 USD
SK is designed for Company-sized battles, focusing on individual Vehicles, Squads, Guns and Aircraft. One miniature on the battlefield represents one Squad, Vehicle or Gun.  Each turns represent five minutes of actual time and scale is 50 yards/inch. 
SK allows for a quick-paced gaming experience. Both players are active throughout the scenario - there is no 'sit and take it' phase as with many other rules!

Ideally suited for tabletop miniatures, SK strives to reduce the use of counters and markers in order to not distract from the overall splendor of miniature gaming.
SK strikes a perfect balance between historical accuracy and play-ability.  Included are all the aspects of WWII combat without losing the focus of a fun game. 

Players do not have to remember all info for any tank or squad as all types have their own reference card that contains all information and special rules relating to that particular unit. There are over one hundred vehicles variants for Germany alone!

In the area of armor and weapon performance, values used have been cross referenced from many sources. Armor is not simply a measure of thickness, but of slope and quality as well. Armor penetration is affected by range and ammunition type.  

The different squads in SK are based on the most common types for each combatant. With variable morale and elite unit rules, any Infantry force can be gamed. 

SK strikes the perfect balance between realism and fun. In short, I am a wargamer first and foremost and I feel that these rules are the best tactical, one mini = one tank, miniature rule system out there!

Try them!

Troy Ritter

$15.00 USD


NOTE: In order to keep the overall cost down, the rule system is designed to be printed out by the user. 

Schwere Kompanie includes the following:
  • 40 page Rulebook in 8 1/2" x 11" format.
  • Quick reference charts for play including Movement and Combat.
  • Individual unit cards for American, British and Commonwealth, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian and Soviet forces.
  • All necessary game counters.
Sample Vehicle Cards:

FREE upgrade to latest version (For previous owners ONLY!)

For those who have a previous version of Schwere Kompanie, this upgrade is available  for free!  Simply send an email to SK UPDATE answering the following question:
What are the armor factors for the following vehicle:

Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf B Tiger II?