Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flat or Shiny, Part I

Got kicked in the nuts today by a can of Testors Dulcote. Normally this my staple final FLATspray. Seems that this particular can is more semigloss...It worked ok with a few other minis...Getting a bit pissed with dulcote. It works great when it works. But when it doesn't...Used the Dulcote on the SPW 251 after decals, weathering, and a few small details. Picture above is pre-dulcote.

Tried out some Doms Decals and let me say they are a great product. Sharp and perfect size for 15mm. Used the license plates and Balkenkreutz ones and was really impressed.

Still going to add the rear AA MG and a front sMG with a gunner.  Currently track is in the oven to cure and see if the Dulcote will flatten a bit. Stay tuned...

Built a mold out of FIMO for German helmets. Tired of lopping off the heads of unsed minis for crew helmets. Really wish someone would do a helmet pack.

Looked at a couple Batlefront package deals today. Man are they expensive! There is a 5-pack of Jagpanthers: $85.00 before shipping and customs...oh well, Ive got enough to keep me busy for now.


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