Saturday, July 21, 2012

Game On!

Hey All!

A buddy of mine, John Atchison, popped in for a great night of wargaming using Schwere Kompanie rules and we had a blast!

We played a scenario loosly based on the 16th Panzers attacks toward the city of Stalingrad during early September. John took Germans, myself, the Russians. The scenario was a meenting engagment and the fight centered around two objectives:

The Village...

...and the Crossroads.

Forces were a platoon of five Panzer IVf1s with a StuG III and a Panzer IVF2 along with a reduced company of Grenadiers (and a pesky hidden sniper!) in a meeting engagment with a three tank platoon of T34s and a early KV1 and T26 supported by a similarly reduced Russian company ('cause thats all I had painted up!).

We started out with healthy snacks...but later, out came the chips! (and the wine).

As the Russian armor was radioless, it was grouped (incorrectly) into a single platoon. (I should really READ the rules one day!)

 I attempted to bring the platoon on to capture the crossroads but the KV stalled on entry so the rest of the flock milled about...I brought a half platoon of Infantry to keep the Grenadiers at bay...

I sent the bulk of my Infantry along with ATRs and MMGs to capture the Village objective.

Focus! Ritter FOCUS! 

John brought on some armor to the hill, notably the Panzer IVF2 with the deadly 7.5cm KwK. 40.  This would be the Russian armors' nighmare! As this was the first battle that the F2 was in, I secretly hoped it would get some kills! 

He brought on the rest of his armor (after I found it hiding under the game table!) to support his Grenadiers and MMGs countering my advace toward the Village.

", He keeps taking my picture. I wonder if this will end up on the internet?"

My ATRs kept Honest John honest as they stalked his armor within the village...

I attempted to mow down the attacking Grenadiers with a platoon of 1st line but my dice had other ideas. Unscathed, the Grenadiers retreated into the cornfields...I then attempted to get into position to Hand-to-Hand his sMG34 team in the village terrain near his armor, forgetting that there was a Grenadier IN the building (damn removable roofs!).

Point blank anyone?

The Squad perished cursing his forgetful commander...

I did get a little payback as John ran across the street with a lone squad to attack my GHQ. A few rounds from the DP27 squad LMG reduced and broke him and sent him routing away (top of photo).

Again the ATR stalked the Panzers but only succeeded in changing the direction of their attack...

...Then things REALLY started to go wrong...A T34 and the Panzer IVF2 started to duke it out resulting in an Immobilized T34.  Then the KV joined in...dead KV...

Crew abandoned the immobilized T34 as the StuG started to knock them about...T34 broke a main gun...and I started to pout...

All in all, a great game none the less! We found a few areas of the rules that needed tweaking and had a great time table talking WWII. Now I really need to get some more Infantry and terrain painted!

BTW, if you want to see the pictures in full size, right click on the image in the blog post and choose either open link in new window or tab.

The Winners!