Thursday, October 7, 2010

Four Russians soldiers crossed the Rhine, Taboo...Taboo...

Worked on my first of many Russian Soldiers last night. Turned out very  good - no wash, all brushwork. Took me about 2 hours...better than the last bunch but still...bidding on some new Kolinsky Sable brushes...dollar store shit is not cutting it anymore. I think I may have too much money. Not caring about the price. Ahhh...middle age!

Tried out the Vallejo Khaki Grey 880 on the minis. Pretty happy with the color. Used Buff and Dark camo Brown to highlight and shade. May go back to White and Black. Thinking about using Vallejo washes. Had to research the uniform color and webbing. Impressed with the poses and sculpt. A little blocky and stout (too much Borscht?) but easy to paint.

Assembled and primed a Sd.Kfz. 251 Ausf C halftrack and scratchbuilt an undiching bundle and rear tarp.  Should be painting it up tomorrow morning. Bundle looks bitchin'!

Pic above added from my recent trip to Europe. Tanks, cemeteries, churches and bunkers!! Trip of a lifetime (for me - poor wife, to her they all look the same).
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