Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6th Army Grenadiers

Hey All!

Finally finished re-basing my Grenadiers with the new style and finished the heavy weapon teams. Really happy with the new basing, it was a real issue with the old ones, I was happy with the figures but the basing really picked my ass. I just couldn't leave them alone!

Above is a 8cm Granatwerfer 34 team with a converted loader and a few scratchbuilt rounds and cases. As there really isn't a good 41-42 mortar loader figure in a standard uniform as of yet from BF, I decided to make my own. I used a HG figure with short boots/gaiters and a long tunic.  I cut the jacket down to resemble a '41 style tunic and added pockets.

The fence is based on photos of WWII-era Russian fences in and around Stalingrad. I made a single mortar round out of epoxy and cast extras with heated plastic sprue. I completed two mortar and four sMG teams as well as a three Panzerbüchse teams.

I added a few extra goodies to the teams such as spent shells, ammo boxes and the like.



Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pictures From Europe 2010

Hey All!

A few pictures from my trip to Europe from 2010. As these are from the front end picture from the blog, this post will be added to as the pictures drop off the home page...

FlaK 8.8cm...
FlaK 88




7.5cm PaK 40 rusting away near Omaha beach.

Abbaye d'ardenne

The massive Abbaye d'ardenne seen through a shellhole in the wall surrounding the monastary.

Moon over Paris...

British 'flimsy' in the woods near German positions, Carpiquet battlefield.

 Bunker overlooking Omaha 

Jagpanther at the Royal Museum, London.

Cromwell from Bovington, England.

Dieppe, France at sunset.

Canadian graveyard, Dieppe, France. As the Germans buried the Canadians after the raid, soldiers are buried head to head as opposed to head to toe. As they were buried with full military honors, after the war the Commonwealth war graves commission chose to leave them as they were.

Omaha Beach.

Church at William the Conqueror's castle near Caen. Bullet holes compliments of WWII...

 Cutest damn Jerrycan, almost bought it in Brussels!

German Sd.Kfz 251 Ausf C at Bovington, England. Smaller than I expected it to be...
Getting creative...