Monday, February 20, 2012

Terrain So Far...

Hey All!

Work continues on the terrain for the con...

A couple of Russian farmhouses by Kerr & King. These are excellent buildings very much superior to the average and have lots of detail. I based  them on 3/8" MDF and covered this in a sand/PVA glue mixture. After a few washes and drybrushes, I added some flock. I tried to keep the areas surrounding the buildings free of any raised terrain to ease in miniature placement.

I painted these with cheap craft paints and flatcoated with Vallejo Matt sealer which, although expensive, is a great alternative to Testors Dulcote and may be less harmfull.

 These MDF bases will represent forested terrain. Having the loose trees will make mini placement a snap over glued ones. While not as pretty, it will be far better to game on.

The hill is blue SM styrofoam insulation glued down onto MDF and sanded/flocked. Again, elevated terrain is kept to a minumum for miniature placement.