Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hey All.

Worked last night untill 3:00 am and got up late to work on the SPW 251. Playing around with a technique that is unique (I think) to Vallejo Paints. I discovered this while attempting to tone down an overlightened vehicle a few months back. Basically its the ability to use Vallejo paints in a wash that is somewhere in the 100 to 1 ratio (or more) water to paint. Using a wash such as this allows subtle tone transitions and 'filtering' of the underlying basecoat. Used this technique on the 251 pictures below (did I mention the bundle is bitchin'?):

MiG Pigments makes a filter too but why buy when you can use what you already have?!  Spent the day painting and am really beginning to get the hang of the Vallejo line.



  1. Excellent! You been putting out some great work lately, I really like the Panzer Grey :)