Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hey All.

Worked last night untill 3:00 am and got up late to work on the SPW 251. Playing around with a technique that is unique (I think) to Vallejo Paints. I discovered this while attempting to tone down an overlightened vehicle a few months back. Basically its the ability to use Vallejo paints in a wash that is somewhere in the 100 to 1 ratio (or more) water to paint. Using a wash such as this allows subtle tone transitions and 'filtering' of the underlying basecoat. Used this technique on the 251 pictures below (did I mention the bundle is bitchin'?):

MiG Pigments makes a filter too but why buy when you can use what you already have?!  Spent the day painting and am really beginning to get the hang of the Vallejo line.

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