Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today in History...

Todays topic...German WWI gravesites near the Marne. This cemetery was located, ajoining a British one, each on opposite sides of the same hill. Buried in the German side were many German Jews and Gentiles, side by side. Seems Hitler and his gang conveniently forgot that Jews shed the blood of their sons on the battlefields of WWI in the service of the Fatherland... the same as other Germans...sad...

Periodically, I will be adding some photos of my recent trip to Europe such as the one above...mostly when I'm too damn tired to take a pic of my recent work!
Tomorrow, looking forward to finishing and decalling the 251 as well as the remaining 3 x Panzer IVF1s  (of 5) that I have also been working on. They will be a part of the German Stalingrad-era army I am working on. (24th Panzer). Should be a good day!
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