Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hey All!

Pretty much ready for the Salute 2012 - Finished painting and basing all the necessary teams and even had some time to paint a few extra terrain and marker pieces. Pictured above are a Soviet GHQ, a couple 1st Line and Reserve Squads, twine haystacks and an abandoned Maxim MMG based on a penny.

One FiB fellow (with DP-LMG) with a BF head (helmet thing) included on the left team. While more realistic in stature than BF, they need to work on weapons, helmets and faces. Colors are my regular choices but changed up a few things to add interest. Painted the Nagant rifles a lighter wood color that I have seen in pictures.

DP-LMG Gunner on right base has had a head replacement and turn to add interest to the team. The firing figures are BF late-war Soviets that have been moddified to early war (collars and shoulder boards cut down). Sticking with the minimalistic basing for this early war batch of Soviets, I may do a later war company with grassy bases but not until I paint up a late war German and Canadian one.
Above and below are a few LMG teams posed with scratchbuilt twine haystacks. The gunner on the left is a Forged in Battle figure and a BF loader. I added a scratchbuilt bipod as the one molded is just too thick. Not really happy with the FiB figures but they do look ok when painted and do add interest and a few missing figures to your BF Soviet teams.
The left gunner is a BF converted ATR figure with a scratchbuilt DP-LMG.

 Above are markers for abandoned MGs. I based these on pennies. I think these will be nicer than counters and such - if I had more time, I was going to paint up some markers with dead soldiers that you could use for eliminated squads or teams that have suffered a casualty.


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