Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Projects A-plenty!

Hey All.

Finished up basing the GHQ/FO for the German Kompanie. Tried out a bit of Silflour 'Buffalo Grass' (Late Summer color) and let me tell you, this stuff is awesome! Its so real looking that it looks like a weed sprouted out of your base! Very expensive though...

Not too sure if it clashes with the crappy static grass I have been using. I may base up the Russians with Silflour alone. Stay tuned...

 I still have a few support teams to base up (2 x MG34's, 1 x Motar and 3 x ATRs) but want to keep up the momentum I now have with the Russians so they will have to wait 'till I get bored of painting Khaki!

Finished up the crew of the PaK 36 and really like how they turned out! I subbed in a fellow from the German HMG blister to hold a 3.7cm round as the loader provided was hefting a 7.5cm shell for what looked like the leIG18! Made the shell from a pin and placed it in a hole drilled in his hand.

 Added a shovel to the trail leg (as per photos) and new handles from wire. I may tone down the rust a bit once based.

Tried basing the gun toward the short end of the base as per the website photos but there really isn't the room to properly place the crew around the gun. It looked a bit weird to have the commander behind everyone pointing for no one to see.

I really do not like too much on the base. Not a fan of mini-diorama based infantry, lugging tons of terrain with them into houses, down roads, through the tulips...I plan on only adding a few cases and live/spent rounds surrounding the gun. I would really like a few stray rifles to base but can't bring myself to hack up perfectly good figures. I currently have the EW Germans out there on eBay so they are out unless they don't sell...hmmm...might be the best use for them.

Primed up the Russian Platoon HQs and a T-26S. Added a tow chain, a scratchbuilt toolbox and spare wheel and screened the air intake. As per photos of the real thing, these were commonly seen. Should be painting up these tomorrow...

Anyone know of any 15mm weapons manufactures out there??


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