Friday, November 5, 2010

Russian Company Thus Far...

Hey All.

Finished up the first platoon of the Russians. Just love these guys! Easy to paint and accurate! Should get a few more done this weekend. Also working on a PaK 37 and crew - should have a few pics up soon. Based up the German FO and GHQ and will paint and flock this weekend.

I am probably going to flog the new EW Germans and Brits to anyone wanting them. Too much work to get to where I want them. I just cannot believe how F-ed in the A these are.

The equipment for the Germans isn't even close to accurate. There are so many mistakes, its almost as if the sculptor has no knowledge of the subject (probably didn't - can you say outsourced?). Those that are wearing suspenders have 'X' type crossed in the front and back (they should be Y shaped). As well huge gas mask cans are attached to the soldiers belt??! and have no strap. Bread bags have a small flap at top and no attachment tags, seemingly attached on the back to the belt (it should have a large flap with 3 attachment points, Battlefront has modeled these quite well in the past so what gives?!) Water bottles are depicted with a cap and no strap. Most boots are hip-waiter-sized!

The poses show no knowledge of human anatomy. The MG-34 gunners are gripping the weapon all wrong. There are figures firing while on tiptoes. The 50mm mortar crew has his ass so far in the air, it looks like he is expecting an enema! Kar-98 rifles are OK, probably the best of the items presented but the SMLE .303 is a joke. Details are terrible!

Anyone interested, email me with an offer. I don't want much, but cash or trades welcome! There are quite a few soldiers, a FOW platoon of each with MG and Mortar support. If no ones interested, they go on eBay next week...

As an aside, I ordered a platoon each of Germans, LW & EW Brits and Russians with MG/Mortar support from Forged in Battle. I will let you know the quality when they show up...

Happy Painting!

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