Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tiny Terror

Hey All.

Started to paint the BF T-26 while waiting for the basecoat to dry on the next bunch of Soviets and couldn't put it down! Pretty much completed the painting, just need to seal, decal and dulcote.

Great little tank, not too much to paint on it but the detail is good for such a small mini.

Tried out a custom mix for the base color. Its a bit involved but I think the result is worth the mixing. All Vallejo:

2 x drops Russian Green 894
4 x Drops Golden Olive 857
1 x Drop White 951
A teeny weeny bit of Flat Red 957

The red is needed as the green is too green on its own to replicate the color shown in reference modern photos of the T-26 from museums.

Wet and dry mud splatters added after a great tip from fellow painter on the FOW forum, Tanner. I have always liked the 1/35 scale mud shown on models and tried to replicate it here with static grass and PVA glue/sand. I painted using some cheap craft paints.

BTW, chain is an made from an earing donated by my daughter. Had just the right scale chain on it and managed to convince her I needed it!

I also got a great little package from a great company In Calgary, Alberta

Sentry Box

My new online hobby shop. Great pricing for Canadian hobbiests and quick as hell shipping!

I ordered a few new paints and a couple FOW 15mm goodies, namely an Elephant and a blister of Soviets in Greatcoats (after seeing how cool they looked painted up on the FOW forum by a fellow painter here:

The Soviets are done in the early sculpt style and are excellent quality. I plan on adding a few to the Soviets I'm working to replicate the rag-tag Russians fighting in Stalingrad in the Fall. Should add some interest to the poses and break up the similarity.

Time is running out for those of you wanting to get in the EW sculpts on eBay. Currently going for a buck each (all they are really worth!) Would work pretty well for anyone who is more of a gamer than a painter.

and here:



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