Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vallejo Painting tips.

Hey All!

Pictured above are 8 figures in various states of completion that I will be using for Platoon HQ teams. As I worked on the next batch of Russians, I realized that I seem to be thinning the Vallejo line quite a bit when doing shadow and shading. I tend to use them at a very watery level but this allows for a subtle transition not possible with most other acrylics. Just be sure and unload your brush on a rag (touch it on a rag to remove much of the paint) before attempting detail work on faces and such or it will run everywhere!

I have a spare figure of the fellow in the middle and may customize him to look like the fellow in the post prior (Alexey Yeremenko ). I will add a set of binos and change the head to a yelling one as well as changing the open hand to a fist.

Added a pistol strap to the 3rd figure from a thin band cut from a thin metal galvanized sheet. 
I had a bit of trouble finding a reference photo for the 5th figure from the left. Originally, I was painting him up as a Captain or Major (he is listed as a Commisar on the BF website). I could not find any pictures of the jacket he is wearing (with sheepskin collar). There are longer ones in photos I have but those have sheepfur cuffs too. I think that it maybe simply a peasent coat or non-military one. Any ideas? 

Anyway, I have been updating the Vallejo paint reference on the Ritterkrieg site as I find more accurate colors for the Russians - stay tuned...
Update: You can click on the 'Recommended Colors' link on the right sidebar to access my current color choices. 

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