Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SS-Schütze primercoat

Hey All!

Had some time to look over the box of EW SS German Infantry from Battlefront's  GE791 SS Panzergrenadier Platoon and picked out a rifleman to start the show. These are a pretty good-looking bunch of Nazis, uniforms and equipment are accurate and sharply detailed. These sculpts suffer the same bobble-headed, somewhat ogre-ish features - but - I like it!
I plan to paint up a single figure to get the plane-tree scheme down. Sure makes it easier to start again in case the painting looks like crap! You only gotta clean up an entire platoon once to learn this lesson! ...been...done...

Clean-up the figure by removing all flash lines and gluing it down to a roofing nail or some such to avoid handling. Wash in water/dishsoap to remove mold-release agents. I started by priming in white, cheap, spray paint - not primer - as it is too thick. Use a VERY thin coat and examine your mini once done to see if you missed any areas or left any flash. The primer will help you see these missed areas and you may have to lightly reprime once done. Once done, I put into the oven for 15 minutes at 170C (lowest setting on her stove) to dry and cure.

(nice goal Kevin Bieksa!)

Worked ahead to see how this will look - will post a step by step later...your thoughts on the pattern?




  1. Never heard of putting them in the oven, is this to speed up the drying process?

  2. Putting such soft metal in the oven would make me nervous. I can see your results are fine with no damage to the mini - but why take the risk? I use GW black primer and on a sunny day it's dry to the touch in as little as 20 minutes.

  3. Yes, perfectly safe at 170...being a slow as hell painter, I tend to be impatient when waiting on paint to dry.


  4. Good show Troy.

    I'd never used the oven method before but have had huge success with it recently. Thumbs up.

    I even did it on a 1/35 plastic model kit that was slightly tacky and it worked fine.