Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winter Russians.

Hey All!

Working on Winter Battlefront Russians (SU720 Strelkovy Platoon Winter) to mix in with the MW Stalingrad squads. One issue with most of these figures is that they lack much of a torso. From the hips to the shoulder is skewed quite a bit. I imagine this is due to Battlefront trying to keep its Infantry to scale with its vehicles but if they made the bases a bit thinner, it would give them more to work with. There are a few figures that are so short as to be almost unusable.
 The newer LW British figures seem to have corrected this issue that affects many of their earlier figures. Too bad they didn't continue this trend with their latest early war kits...don't get me started...
Anyway, this blister contains a great variety of figures - some armed with PPSH's, most with rifles. There are some good poses and a bunch of cool Officer figures as well.

 Overall, these are great figures. They have well detailed equipment and weapons and the 'Shinel' Russian greatcoat is well molded. Faces are typical of their early blisters; somewhat orgerlike with immense paws but reasonably easy to paint. I'm getting so used to this style that the FiB figures seem wierd to me even though they are better proportioned.

I used Vallejo Field Drab 873 to paint the coats to represent the M35 version with the overall brown color. Earlier versions seem to be brownish grey and some officer examples are even a Field Grey! I imagine this may have problematic to say the least!

Painted these up over two days. Could have been substantially quicker if I had left the Red Orchastra (and porn) alone...Damn you internet! I don't know if I will ever be a 'mass production' painter...I think I spend waaaaayy too much time per figure but such is my style. I look at work from fellow painters (like Tomwize - from FOW forum fame - my god that guy can produce!...must not have an unlimited internet connection...) and I am humbled. What I paint in a week, he does in a day...oh well...


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