Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Stalingrad and Plastic?

Hey All.

Added some loose bricks made from foam to the Stalingrad bases. I cut them out of a 2mm thick craft foam sheet and painted them a red-brick color. I will probably scatter a few on all the Russian bases to add some interest. I think these will be stricly rubble based with little or no vegetation. Took a bit of advice and dusted up the figures a bit more.

 The gunner on the left base is a FiB figure with the helmet shaved down to a more historic shape. Actually pleased how he turned out. Some of the issues I had with the FiB figures fade a bit onced based - still dislike their versions of the German/Russian helmet though...

On another note, I have been reading all the talk about Plastics and the like on the BF site...

...and on a fellow blogger Tanner's site at
a great blog by the way...

The discussion reminded me  of my initial dissappointment with 15mm vehicles offered by all the manufactures out there.  Their products have continued to amaze me only in price. Coming from 6mm, I was shocked at how expensive 15mm are! All 15's are cartoonish at best and have become my chosen scale with a fair bit of reservations.  I LOVE DETAIL! and I LOVE ACCURACY! Most kits out there have little of either...

I have always felt that the plastic minis would be more prone to damage over the years than lead-based minis and I still think this holds true for soldiers and the like but vehicles is another thing altogether (broken resin fenders anyone?).

Looking at the T-34's and KV's on Tanner's site made by 'The Plastic Soldier Company' (theres an original moniker!) - leaves me thinking that it is time that other manufactures took notice. 
 The detail on these minis makes existing stuff look like it was made from play dough. The lines are sharp, circles are round, squares are square, there are no issues with massive flash or irregular shapes. I may pick up a few vehicle minis when they flesh out their product line.



  1. Looking excellent Troy, subtle and effective, but not overdone.

    Agree completely on the Plastic thing: I wish the PSC all the best and hope they go from strength to strength. Now, if only they would do M4A2s with two turret options...


  2. Hey I am sure thats coming down the pipe! Thanks for the comments!


  3. Do you still use khaki grey for soviet uniforms? Here they seems to be rather greenish... Thks

  4. Moved to Yellow Green 881. Seems a better match especially when a little black is added to do shadow work.