Sunday, June 5, 2011

Plane Tree Base Color

Hey All!

As promised, some progress pictures. For the base color, I settled on 1 x drop each of Vallejo 875 Beige Brown and 825 German Pale Cam Brown. I thinned this with 2 x drops of plain water and painted all of the smock areas and any spots that would be in shadow or contact with equipment. Try not to get on the flesh and other areas but, shit happens. If thinned properly, your paint will flow to all the recesses and give a natural shadow/highlight with the white undercoat.

I then added a *smidge of 822 German Cam Black Brown (or any dark color, hell even black) and wet out the mixture again. Paint this onto all heavy crease areas and edges of the smock. Try not to get this on the highlights.

* a dip in the tip of the bottle with a small brush.
An interesting note on the right NCO: He was modelled with rolled up sleeves but his left arm was enormous! Must have been an arm wrestler or real  lonely! I pared this down to a more normal-sized shape but as I looked the figure over I realized that the sculptor had made a bit of an error. The figure is supposed to be wearing a smock over tunic (as are all the other figures in the blister confirmed by the tunic collar showing through) but I cannot imaging rolling up the sleeves of the tunic as well as the smock in that fashion. As well it appears as if the back of the figure shows the split in the tunic - not the straight edge of the bottom of the smock. It could be the tunic showing out the bottom but that looks unlikely. If the tunic was to be sculpted instead of the smock, then there should be pockets of which there are none. Hmmm...


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