Monday, May 9, 2011

Finished Russian MMGs and Platoon HQs

Hey All!

I finshed all the basing on the 4 x MMGs and the 4 x Platoon HQs (based for Schwere Kompanie rules). Added a few knick-knacks  for interest; dropped German helmet, barrel, ammo case lids etc. Pretty happy how they turned out and will carry this basing on to the SMG and Rifle squads that I am currently painting.

I think these will look good on my Stalingrad board (...when I get around to it!) but my German Grenadiers may clash a bit with their grassy bases. Thats the trouble with specific terrain, they look out of place when used on other terrain types - kinda wishing I had done the Germans in the same style...I guess I'll do the balance of them like these when I complete my German MMGs/Mortars and Assault and Pionere Squads.

A big thank-you! goes out to Crac des Chevaliers at who nominated my blog for the Stylish Blogger Award. I really wish I had more time to 'pretty up' this page to the level of some of the greats out there!

One thing I love about the, so far no limits on pics or size! I dunno what the catch is but it will truly suck when it hits! I have exceeded my bandwidth on Photobucket and used up all 100MB at Telus (my web service provider) so this is by far the best way to post pic I have found. I think I'm gonna post another pic right now...




Inkub said...

Great minis Troy.
Limit on blogspot is 1GB so it will take a little time to reach that...:)

Mojo said...

Hey Troy! Nice Pics from Brussels, I think my dad still has some originals in the Basement :-P

I like your Minis and the bases look really pretty! Nice job!!

For the pictures, I use picasa (which is used by Blogspot itself). As long as your pictures don't exceed 800x600 Pixels, they should not count for the 1GB Storage (at least thats what picasa says) ;)


The Angry Lurker said...

Those are really well painted and based, great work.

Rhinexing said...

Amazingly well done! Great paint jobs & basing.

Anonymous said...

Very nice bases. I like the little touches you've added.
I have the same problem with my winter bases. They look good untill I put them on my friends green terrain. Guess I'll have to make some of my own.

Chevalier de la Terre said...

Superb painting as always Troy!


John M said...

Beautiful nice simple and very clean.

onscreen said...

Those are some nicely painted figures and great bases!

rempage said...

Well done. Can I ask what colour you used to paint those uniforms? In your tutorial you mentioned khaki grey but those seem to be very "green"... Thks

Ritterkrieg said...

The color I am now using is Vallejo Yellow Green 881 as a base color. Its a pretty good match for EW to MW Russian uniforms that have had some exposure to sun. As well, it looks very good when black is added to shadow.