Monday, May 9, 2011

Finished Russian MMGs and Platoon HQs

Hey All!

I finshed all the basing on the 4 x MMGs and the 4 x Platoon HQs (based for Schwere Kompanie rules). Added a few knick-knacks  for interest; dropped German helmet, barrel, ammo case lids etc. Pretty happy how they turned out and will carry this basing on to the SMG and Rifle squads that I am currently painting.

I think these will look good on my Stalingrad board (...when I get around to it!) but my German Grenadiers may clash a bit with their grassy bases. Thats the trouble with specific terrain, they look out of place when used on other terrain types - kinda wishing I had done the Germans in the same style...I guess I'll do the balance of them like these when I complete my German MMGs/Mortars and Assault and Pionere Squads.

A big thank-you! goes out to Crac des Chevaliers at who nominated my blog for the Stylish Blogger Award. I really wish I had more time to 'pretty up' this page to the level of some of the greats out there!

One thing I love about the, so far no limits on pics or size! I dunno what the catch is but it will truly suck when it hits! I have exceeded my bandwidth on Photobucket and used up all 100MB at Telus (my web service provider) so this is by far the best way to post pic I have found. I think I'm gonna post another pic right now...



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