Friday, April 29, 2011

Stalingrad Style Basing

Hey All.

Pictured below is my first attempt at a Stalingrad style basing. Not what you would call interesting yet but I will probably jazz them up with a few tid-bits like barrels, bricks and refuse of war.

Pretty easy method, mixed some sand and white glue and added this around the figures that were crazy-glued down to a FOW base that was scored with coarse sandpaper. Washed with a dark brown, I then painted and drybrushed a mixture of cheap DecoArt Crafters acrylics. Finished by adding a top coat of white glue/water and sprinkling on red brick colored railway balast and a bit of Talus rock to get some contrast.

  I have 3 other Maxims based up but this is the only one that I will be able to post on the BF site as it has no FiB figures.

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