Friday, March 2, 2012

Soviet GHQ and New Book.

Hey All!

Finished up the Soviet GHQ stand today and also got a great book in the mail - recommended by a excellent website 'Model Dads' at:

Its called: The Soviet Soldier By Histoire & Collections ISBN 978-2-35250-100-8...more on that later...
I wanted to add a little humor to the stand so as the radio operator is one homely Svetlana, I modified a few officer figures to be knocking back a few...I think the effect worked - I'm guessing they need the drinks! 
 The banner is a paper printout that I painted and shaded. I soaked it in PVA glue to get the folds. The Vodka bottle is heat-formed from a model airplane canopy sprue. Maps are print reduced from original WWII maps. I varied the color of the uniforms to add some interest and also added a PPSH from a spare figure. Once again, I really with BF would release a Infantry weapons blister!
 I built a top for the table out of plastic stock to add more detail. I will probably add cable to the field telephone when I add the terrain to the base.
 Although a bit hard to see, I tried my hand at painting red stars on the pilotka (side-caps) and raspberry piping. I also painted in rank badges on the officers.
Overall, I was a little disappointed in most of the casting on the faces. I spent a fair bit of time trying to make them look human but finally moved on. I still have some Infantry and roads to complete for the Con at the end of the month!

The book 'The Soviet Soldier ' is a great resource. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone interested in WWII Soviet infantry. It has many re-enactors portrayed in it with original wartime items. A few points...

-My vallejo color of choice for WWII Soviet soldiers is Yellow Green 70881 but there are so many variations of this shown in the book that there really is no single color.  A few other colors that work...70887 Brown Violet, 70924 Russian Unif. WWII (duh!),  70882 Middlestone, 70988 Khaki and even a bright green that looks close to70922 USA Uniform with some yellow green thrown in. There are even examples of a faded looking tunic that is damn close to Field Grey! That must have been problematic to say the least!  

- The important thing is to KEEP IT LIGHT! Too dark of a base coat will undoubtedly give you boring minis. Add yellow, white and tan to lighten these colors as a good starting point for your base coat.

- Color on the wartime items should be examined and used as a starting point but not used as a true reference as these have been weathering for 70+ years! Many items are new looking and may be reproductions. 

-Many color plates show soldiers with old and new items together. This is suspect. I'm thinking that at least for front-line Soviet soldiers, they would be issued a uniform all at once and it would weather as such - so there may not be too much in the way of new and weathered kit. Once rotated, there uniform would probably be tossed for new.



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