Monday, March 5, 2012

Venus and Jupiter

Hey All.

Took a quick break from painting tonight to go look for the damn dog and looked up to the sky to see unbelievably bright stars - grabbed the wifes iPad and lo and behold - they are Venus (big one) and Jupiter (smaller one).

So I grabbed the camer and tripod and took some extreme closeups! This is Venus...

...and Jupiter.


...ok back to the painting table...and still can't find the damn dog!


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  1. Yeah the sky at night is fascinating on a moonless cloudless night. When I emigrated to NZ, I was amazed at the amount of starts you can see at night, once you get away from the big cities... Bought a telescope and was wowed to be able see Jupiter , with its bands and red spot evident, and its 5 nearest moons visible as white dots beside it. Blew me away.
    Thing is once you've seen it once, and you are standing out in the cold to do it, and it clashes with my prodominantly evening painting time... well I couldnt justify hanging on to 'scope so sold it... still it was intersting while it lasted.