Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trumpeter Salute 2012

Hey All!

A few pictures from an AWESOME weekend in Burnaby (Vancouver) at the Salute 2012!  This is British Columbia's premier wargaming con and it was very well attended. There were a variety of periods gamed as well as fantasy (they keep the grey-haired historical wargamers in a separate room from the fantasy whipper snappers crowd).

A shot of my map setup for 15mm WWII using 'Schwere Kompanie' rules. The Germans attacked, (from the top of map) Soviets defended a small village early in the war on the East front.

An overhead shot of the German forces. A Kompanies worth of Infantry with a section of sMG34s and a mortar attached. A PzIV, a PzIII and a SPW 251 round out the force.

The grognards take on some unsuspecting newbs...game 1. Germans recieved a fairly sound thrashing. Hopefully converted some from the fantasy crowd! Pictured clockwise from left bottom are: Ken, Randy, William, Ben and Tom.

A few more Generals below...

Thomas, looking the part in his fieldgrey..."I know nossing!"
Tim and his VERY patient Wife. 

Mark - perhaps too much wodka Comrade?!

Ted and Martin. I enjoyed Teds game on Friday night - thanks Ted!
"My game is numba one!"
Martin and Tony. Tony almost played...hopefully we can get him into a game next year!

Martin was able to join late on our second game. He decided to attend a childs bithday first...

"Hey Martin, kids will have other birthdays, but theres only one Salute 2012...yeeesh!"

"That guy is picking on me!" ...Is that a bald spot Ritter?!

Kens jaw drops as the Die Jungen begin the attack.  Looks like John wants to play..."Man I'd be like blitzin' up that flank 'n goosesteppin' all over these sunflowers!" 

A couple of shots from the two games...

 A German platoon setup in the forest...
A birds-eye view of an excellent mortar position dominating the approach to the village...

Cautious German advance behind a smoke screen...

 German grenadiers attempt to silence a PTRD ATR that immoblized the SPW 251 just out of the pic. Though suppressed, the ATR escaped into the wheatfield...
 A T26S burns after emerging from the haystack on the right...When you think you have a rule for everything, wargamers will come up with something new..."so I wanna setup my tank in the haystack...huh...why the hell not?"!

The bulk of the Germans skirt the hill...

"Panzers Marsch!"

A welcome change from the hotdogs...Greek food! Oh ya!

Game hosts at the Con get a couple vouchers for canteen treats - Nice!

The Salute does have a great location near Metrotown. There are lots of good eats in the foodcourt.

My second game won the Best of Show and was awarded a $50.00 gift card to Imperial Hobbies in Richmond which is WELL worth the trip! IMO the BEST game shop in Vancouver!

So good, I had to go twice in the week!

Wargame groupies...


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