Monday, December 5, 2011

On to the Russkies...

Hey All!

With the 6th Army Germans done, its time to paint someone for them to fight! I plan on attending and hosting a game at the Salute 2012 in Vancouver in April so I am endevouring to complete enough units and terrain to play out the introductory scenario from my rulebook 'Schwere Kompanie' in 15mm.

 I will be painting up a Panzer IIIG that I am currently re-working to a early version without turret rear storage box as well as a Russian GHQ, ATR and 45mm Model 32 anti-tank gun and crew.
I based up a platoon of four squads and posed them with the other Russians I have done.
I added some distractions to the Squads to break up the monotony. I really don't want the army to be lugging around wall and trees but I think that the odd item doesn't look too out of place on the battlefield.
Bricks are cut from sponge and painted a couple different brick colors.

Sign is reduced from a pic and wire is made from bug screen and wire twisted up with drill and glued.
Should have a few pics of the Panzer G and ATG up soon...




  1. "excellent work Troy"
    "waiting with eagerest to see the module Terrain"
    JOhn Bond

  2. Those figures are really well painted and those bases are really well done and make everything look better.

  3. Absolutely top notch painting. It's grate that you pay so much attention to face details.Miniatures look 100% better with detailed faces IMO.
    Did you consider adding more to your bases?
    Now you haveonly plain rubble. Maybe some bigger chunks of walls or metal beams...

  4. How differently does SK play with 15mm minis instead of 1/300th?

  5. Thanks All!
    Terrain is ongoing...I have some ideas for Stalingrad that are on the shelf until the Soviets are done!

    The next platoon will have some girters and the like added - agree!

    This scenario (although small) will be a test of SK in 15mm in a tourny setting. I will post some findings after the con.