Monday, December 5, 2011

On to the Russkies...

Hey All!

With the 6th Army Germans done, its time to paint someone for them to fight! I plan on attending and hosting a game at the Salute 2012 in Vancouver in April so I am endevouring to complete enough units and terrain to play out the introductory scenario from my rulebook 'Schwere Kompanie' in 15mm.

 I will be painting up a Panzer IIIG that I am currently re-working to a early version without turret rear storage box as well as a Russian GHQ, ATR and 45mm Model 32 anti-tank gun and crew.
I based up a platoon of four squads and posed them with the other Russians I have done.
I added some distractions to the Squads to break up the monotony. I really don't want the army to be lugging around wall and trees but I think that the odd item doesn't look too out of place on the battlefield.
Bricks are cut from sponge and painted a couple different brick colors.

Sign is reduced from a pic and wire is made from bug screen and wire twisted up with drill and glued.
Should have a few pics of the Panzer G and ATG up soon...


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