Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6th Army Grenadiers

Hey All!

Finally finished re-basing my Grenadiers with the new style and finished the heavy weapon teams. Really happy with the new basing, it was a real issue with the old ones, I was happy with the figures but the basing really picked my ass. I just couldn't leave them alone!

Above is a 8cm Granatwerfer 34 team with a converted loader and a few scratchbuilt rounds and cases. As there really isn't a good 41-42 mortar loader figure in a standard uniform as of yet from BF, I decided to make my own. I used a HG figure with short boots/gaiters and a long tunic.  I cut the jacket down to resemble a '41 style tunic and added pockets.

The fence is based on photos of WWII-era Russian fences in and around Stalingrad. I made a single mortar round out of epoxy and cast extras with heated plastic sprue. I completed two mortar and four sMG teams as well as a three Panzerbüchse teams.

I added a few extra goodies to the teams such as spent shells, ammo boxes and the like.


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