Monday, December 12, 2011

Panzer IIIG Decalled and finished.

Hey All.

Finished up the Panzer IIIG with some decals and a bit more grass, dust and mud.

I also did a final extremely light coat with a  dusty color on the tops of panels and upper surfaces as well at the running gear with the airbrush. Try not to overdo this as it will hide all your hard work!!

After adding more grass, I drybrushed it a tan color to make it stand out more. I like this grass / mud effect and will be using it on most new tracked projects.

 I finished up the decals with a few stains and mud to blend them in. I suppose I should have decalled first - weathered second. Turned out ok but next time - stick to the 'Plan'!

Next up, the Soviet support weapons!


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