Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Damn Near Done

Hey All!

A few pictures of the two T34s...

  I think I may have overdusted the rear and top of the minis - sometime less is more. One has to be careful using the airbrush; you stand the chance of overpowering all your earlier work!

 Still have to matt varnish over the decals and such. I really had to imbellish the grillwork as the detail was just not there.

 I may add some grass clumps and mud to the running gear to cover the flaws in the tracks and wheels but overall, these are pretty good minis.

 I used mostly Tamiya for base coat with Vallejo washes and filters. The base color is XF-58 Olive Green lightened 2 to 1 with XF-4 Yellow Green.


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