Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Damn Near Done

Hey All!

A few pictures of the two T34s...

  I think I may have overdusted the rear and top of the minis - sometime less is more. One has to be careful using the airbrush; you stand the chance of overpowering all your earlier work!

 Still have to matt varnish over the decals and such. I really had to imbellish the grillwork as the detail was just not there.

 I may add some grass clumps and mud to the running gear to cover the flaws in the tracks and wheels but overall, these are pretty good minis.

 I used mostly Tamiya for base coat with Vallejo washes and filters. The base color is XF-58 Olive Green lightened 2 to 1 with XF-4 Yellow Green.




  1. These are really nice, great work.

  2. What is your technique for those rain and dust marks- specially on turrets? They look very convincing.

  3. Mindblowingly good! HOw did you get the rusting / oil spillage effects?

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Regarding the Dust/Streaking: Its really quite simple and these minis were the test for me. All you need to do is take the base coat, add a drop of white, thin to watery milk consistancy, and streak in a downward motion with a squarecut drybrush. Wasn't sure how it would look but really happywith how it turned out. The effect is quite subtle but shows up best on the 3rd and 4th pics on the left tank turret.

  5. Hey Troy,

    Big fan of your work. Can you tell me what color you use for your tow cables? Which metal paints?


    1. Start with Dark Seagreen VMC 868, wash in a dark brown and highlight with Oily Steel.