Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Hello All!

A few pics of the Russian 45mm AT gun and crew...

I have also been working on a few more teams (Reduced Squads, LMGs and Reserve) for the con in Vancouver in March/April.

Again I based the gun on the long side of the base as this seems better to display the crew.

I will be building a few ammo crates and spare rounds to surround the gun as well as building a bit of a sandbag/brick wall for the crew to shelter behind. Again, this would not fit on the base if positioned on the short end.

I got a positive reinforcement of my choice of Soviet helmet color as a 1942 Soviet helmet I recently purchased showed up in the mail yesterday. Its a great addition to my collection but the wifes keeps asking if I am raising an army...

Displayed are the Soviet 1941 SSh-40 - all original, a Q62 Quist Model 35 - with repo liner repainted, a 1942 Canadian Brodie - all original, a 1943 Canadian Brodie with net - all original, and a ET68 Eisenhüttenwerke repo with repo liner repainted, missing is my 1944 Mk III Turtle with the high chinstrap attachment rivets, currently awaiting repainting...and no...I don't play with the 'barbies'!


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