Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Hello All!

A few pics of the Russian 45mm AT gun and crew...

I have also been working on a few more teams (Reduced Squads, LMGs and Reserve) for the con in Vancouver in March/April.

Again I based the gun on the long side of the base as this seems better to display the crew.

I will be building a few ammo crates and spare rounds to surround the gun as well as building a bit of a sandbag/brick wall for the crew to shelter behind. Again, this would not fit on the base if positioned on the short end.

I got a positive reinforcement of my choice of Soviet helmet color as a 1942 Soviet helmet I recently purchased showed up in the mail yesterday. Its a great addition to my collection but the wifes keeps asking if I am raising an army...

Displayed are the Soviet 1941 SSh-40 - all original, a Q62 Quist Model 35 - with repo liner repainted, a 1942 Canadian Brodie - all original, a 1943 Canadian Brodie with net - all original, and a ET68 EisenhΓΌttenwerke repo with repo liner repainted, missing is my 1944 Mk III Turtle with the high chinstrap attachment rivets, currently awaiting repainting...and no...I don't play with the 'barbies'!




  1. Great painting, I'll join the army.....

  2. Nice painting as ever. I hope those hats get to be worn when your having a game! I've often thought of getting some for that very purpose, but then I think of the figures I could buy with the money instead...

  3. He-he, Angry, what lid do you wanna wear? I do plan on bringing them for the next con! The most expensive was the Quist and as it turned out, its too small for most (62) but the others were about the price of a couple 5-tank boxes from BF!