Friday, January 20, 2012

A bit of Scratch Building

Hey All!

A small post of a few of the LMG teams I have finished up.

These teams had a fair bit of changes. Both the assistants had head replacements due to issues with face detail. As well, they both received scratchbuilt spare-barrel cases and straps as these were not present or poor detail. Also, I added a folded bipod to the MG34 of the team sheltering behind the rail ties.

The assistant gunner on the left was taken from the GE704 HMG Platoon blister. I recarved his hands (big paw syndrome) and turned his head a bit to give him a bit more of a action pose. It is amazing the difference this can make in a figure. It can really add variation and interest to the same old-same old when you are building your teams.

The other assistant was one of the few minis I kept from the EW figures. He got new lapels as well as the head and case. The standing gunner is the same as the crouching figure but with a new pair of legs added (from a spare figure). I used 2-part putty to form his butt and smooth the transition.
 I painted these minis from my standard colors except for the use of Vallejo Game color 72067 Cayman Green for the helmets, shaded with a bit of black. This looks close to early Applegreen IMO. Also I used Vallejo DarkSeagreen 70868 for the base color on the MG34's, highlighting with Gunmetal Grey 70863.
Next up, A few Reduced Squads/Scouts and a Soviet GHQ...


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