Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays - Back in Business!

Hey All.

Merry Christmas to all and here is wishing everyone a peacful New Year! Finally got the new computer, just in time for Christmas! I have been working on some of the FiB Russian Infantry (Maxim HMG teams) and a BF KV-1.

I added  a bit of battle damage to the turret and hull to replicate photo evidence I have seen of these uparmored KVs. I also added a tow cable, a new commanders hatch cover (the supplied one was too small) couple DP-27 MGs as well as screened air intakes. Still have to do some paint chipping and add some mud and dust.

I have picked out figures from both FiB and BF to make up my Russian Maxim teams so this will be a good test of their compatibility. I emailed FiB regarding the mangled German tripods and bitched about the incorrect HMG loaders as well as the incorrect German helmets and did recieve a responce but time will tell if they correct these things. I am optimistic...

Should have some pics up of the painted FiB fellows soon!

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