Thursday, May 24, 2012

Too Much time on my Hands!

Hello All!

So for farts and giggles, I decided to add some detail to the remaining Panzer IVs I had. The earlier BF sculpts have a few tools and the like missing as well as some details so I thought it might be fun to super detail one to see if the results are worth it.

I re-detailed the fender headlight into a Notec light and re-carved the fire extinguisher. Also on the left, I added wire cutters, proper shackle hooks (molded ones are incorrect for Ausf F onward), wrench,  spare wheel mount, barrel cleaning rod, slack adjuster tool, a spare helmet, rear smoke discharger,  rear taillight and fender detail.
On the right, I added a shovel, additional cleaning rod pieces for long 75mm, a packsack, helmet, fender detail and some parts to the jack. Once done I then discovered that the right fender and hull were horribly mismatched. The cast was badly warped and refused to sit right no mater what filing and sanding took place. The angle on the resin hull ment that it either sat up or down but not straight. I decided to pin it into proper position (as close as possible) and fill the gaps with putty and cover with sandbags.
 On the front I added the pins to the tow hooks and eventually plan on adding a tow cable and new barrel. Many small detailing was added to the cast hull (screw holes and the like) that may show up in the close ups.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Added the brass barrel, hull MG, a tow cable and a few other small details.

 I added the radio antenna, folded down, a couple spare track links, and a scratchbuilt gasmask cannister beside the packsack. Next up, prime and basecoat!


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