Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Wrap

Merry Christmas All!

 Just working on a few more figures for my sMG teams...

I changed up my Recommended Color for German Kar98 strap to Orange Brown 981- the one in my collection is a more of a red-brown leather color. I was using Saddle Brown 940 but there isn't enough contrast.

I also have moved back to Olive Grey 888 for ammo cans/spare barrel cases and the like.
 All the best to everyone out there - somehow Peace in the new year...


  1. Great work as usual Troy. Merry Christmas to you. I'm sure many of us are ready for 2016 to become history.

  2. Great work, Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017

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  4. Amazing showcase, man! I always loved Battlefront minis, but didn't see them painted very well. Your minis are amazing and very inspirational, as I am trying to paint few models. Not for gaming, just for painting joy and because I like models. Thank you for sharing! And happy new year 2017!!!